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What we do

Aseptix develops, patents and markets novel antimicrobial and disinfection technologies. These technologies are licensed out to global market leaders across various industries, ranging from professional (healthcare, food, leisure, beverages, institutional, etc.) to consumer (household) and personal care. The technologies differentiate against traditional antimicrobials by combining fast anti-microbial activity and low-tox profile, with high user-safety.

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Enhanced or Hi-Speed Hydrogen Peroxide® is an invention whereby standard hydrogen peroxide is synergistically combined with very specific compounds that have no or very little antimicrobial effect in itself. When combined with hydrogen peroxide a remarkable synergy is observed, which results in a much faster antimicrobial effect and a highly stable product. Aseptix patented a range of these combinations, for use in surface disinfection, skin antimicrobials, skin and hands disinfection, mucous membrane disinfection, etc.

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