For the professional markets, Aseptix has patented surface disinfection solutions commonly referred to as the Ultrasan products. The Ultrasan family of products comprises pre-saturated wipes, sprays, liquids, fogging liquid and dilutable concentrates. Amongst others the Ultrasan line has the UltraRapid, Broad Spectrum (sporicidal), Sanitary and Cidalsan (food environment) categories.

For skin applications, a patented peroxide based disinfecting hand soap is available as well as a patented foaming low-alcohol hand sanitizer.

Please note that currently all patents and products for surface cleaning and disinfection in the professional market are licensed out and no licenses are available.



Aseptix designs and develops next generation household products with unique antimicrobial claims. Claims that provide a lasting competitive advantage and that are patent protected. We ensure regulatory compliance and speed-to-market. You win by lower risk in development, fast time to launch, regulatory security and bringing highly innovative, patent-protected products to the market.

Bathroom, Kitchen, Glass, Dishwash products free of Chlorine, Triclosan, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Phenols or any other harmful ingredient, while still offering the highest efficacy. Consumer research from our customers clearly shows increased purchase intent with Aseptix-enabled strong antimicrobial and disinfection claims, as well as a high interest for “low tox”, safer and “low chemicals” products.

Example household products:

  • Bathroom cleaner disinfectants, Kitchen cleaner disinfectants, Glass cleaner disinfectants, APC cleaner disinfectants, etc.
  • Disinfecting Wipes for Kitchen, Glass, APC, Bathroom, etc.
  • Antibacterial Manual Dishwash,
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap, Antibacterial Foaming Hand Sanitizer, Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer,
  • Combination of ‘kitchen countertop’ Hand Wash and Dishwash,
  • Laundry disinfection, Laundry rinse-aid for low temperatures
  • Swiffer-type wet floor wipes with disinfection power
  • Instant Deodorizer for Refridgerator/Trashbin, Air Deodorizer, etc.
  • Fabric Deodorizer, Antibacterial Fabric Prespotter,
  • Daily Shower Cleaner Disinfectant, Toilet Rim Blocks with antibacterial power, Disinfecting Toilet Bowl Gel, etc.




Personal Care

The core strength of Aseptix is in optimizing the delicate balancing act between high antimicrobial efficacy and high skin tolerance. We are experts in high- efficacy, low irritancy products with powerful antimicrobial claims.

Example Personal Care products:

Disinfecting Hand Wash, Antibacterial Hand Soap, Antibacterial Foaming Hand Sanitizer, Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer, Anti-Acne Wash, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Anti-Athlete’s Foot Spray, Anti-Athlete’s Foot Foam, Disinfecting Hand Gel, Deodorizing Foot Foam, Baby Wipes with antibacterial effect and non-harsh chemicals, etc.




Hand Hygiene

The Aseptix Hand Hygiene Line consists of several advanced skin disinfection products based on Aseptix patented Hi-Speed H2Oand other technologies.

Hand Wash

Aseptix GermGuard Hand Wash is an Aseptix patented Hi-Speed H2O2-based disinfecting hand wash, not containing Triclosan, quaternary ammonium compounds, PCMX, chlorhexidine or alcohol. The formula produces a rich and skin moisturizing foam, and is proven non-irritant to the skin. The products features bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal efficacy according European Norms. Contain advanced skin moisturizers, preventing dryness of the skin.

Short contact times: 30 sec. bactericidal action incl. MRSA, 1 minute on Canidida albicans.

Moisturizing formula does not dry the skin developed for frequent use

Hand Sanitizer

The Aseptix GermGuard Hand Sanitizer is a disinfecting hand rub, specifically developed for skin disinfection applications in which high efficacy, good skin compatibility and skin feel are required. The product features strong bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal efficacy according European Norms.

They contain advanced skin moisturizers, preventing dryness of the skin, leaving the skin moisturized and supple.

Short contact times: 15 sec. bactericidal action incl. MRSA 15 sec., enveloped virucidal action, 1 minute Norovirus activity.

Worry Free Antimicrobials

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