Aseptix’ technologies enhance and accelerate the biocidal effect of hydrogen peroxide. We focus all of our activities specifically around hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a widely known and broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent and is one of the very few sustainable and environmentally responsible antimicrobials. It degrades to only water and oxygen, leaving no active residues, nor causing the widely discussed and problematic antibacterial resistance. The drawbacks of hydrogen peroxide are its low stability and relatively weak antimicrobial effect in lower concentrations. This is what the Aseptix patented technology platforms have solved. Greatly enhanced stability and efficacy, while keeping the sustainability and product safety. Aseptix products do not contain volatile organic compounds, the surfactants are all made of renewable feedstock, and its remaining ingredients are virtually all biodegradable.




Aseptix has developed several technologies whereby hydrogen peroxide is combined synergistically with very specific, but widely known compounds. These compounds in itself have low or no biocidal activity, but when combined with hydrogen peroxide a remarkable and often surprising synergy is seen. Aseptix is the inventor of this technology, and developed the technology into several patented platforms, for both surface disinfection as well as skin and mucous membrane disinfection, wound disinfection and personal care antimicrobial applications.

The Aseptix platforms are separated into surface disinfection, rinse-off skin disinfection (hand wash), leave-on skin disinfection (hand sanitizers) and disinfection by way of ultrasonic air fumigation.


Aseptix holds a large portfolio of patents and patent applications, which are globally granted. The portfolio now exceeds 80 patents on various platform technologies. The patenting strategy is both defensive as well as offensive and most patents are compositional patents, ensuring Aseptix to be the sole marketer of the compositions and avoiding any competition. The core technologies are well-protected against any competition or infringers and Aseptix follows an aggressive strategy against infringers and copiers, both for its own business, as well as on behalf of the license partners.